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Professional Trade Assistant Tool for MetaTrader 4
TraderAgent Main Screen
TraderAgent is the ultimate forex Trader’s assistant. This is not an automatic trading robot (EA) and it doesn’t take decisions or opens position, but it helps your professional work when you trading manual. All important information is displayed on the chart, so you only need to open the position, with just one click. Managing the opened position is just as easy as it could be: with your mouse or pointing device, you can easily adjust the stoploss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels with drag-and-drop method. After that TraderAgent will work for you as a position management solution.

In contrast to most of the available programs in this kind TraderAgent can help you manage trading risk. You just only have to determine the maximum risk per position, and TraderAgent will automatically calculate the amount of trade (Lots) on every new position.

With its user-friendly graphical interface, anyone could quickly learn how to use TraderAgent successfully during daytrade.

Key Features
Version history

  • Quick Position Management

    The software can be used to manage position(s) easily. For example if you want to open or close a position, you can do it all with TraderAgent with only just one mouse click. Say goodbye to Metatrader’s Order Window.

    Position reverse

    When you’re trading and you may think the market could turn opposite to your trading plans, with one click the existing position will be immediately closed and open a new, contrary position with the same LOT size. With this option TraderAgent can reverse the next trade.

    Breakeven function

    When you have open position(s) and the market direction is going into your planned profit area, you may want to pull StopLoss to the opened position’s price (say, you’re passing breakeven point with 0 profit & 0 loss). All this process could be delivered by TraderAgent with your one single click.

    Close all function

    If you have more than one position open (for example you’re in building positions or because of grid strategy), and at the same time you want to close all positions, you can simple close all with one click on “Close all” button on the control panel of TraderAgent.

    Risk-based lot calculation

    You can specify the maximum risk you want to take and TraderAgent will calculate the trading volume (LOT) of the position based on your preset.

    Trailing stop function

    The program supports trailing stop(s). With TraderAgent you can set trailing stops for positions.


    With the MagicNumber feature TraderAgent gives the opportunity to manage positions already opened by any Expert Advisor (EA).


    You can easily rearrange the windows on the chart, or you can hide them if you wish.

    Daily Profit Information

    You can clearly track your trading results in the Profit Info window. TraderAgent displays the daily/weekly/monthly and yearly profit results in both pips and in currency.

    Show detailed information of the position(s)

    The program displays all information of your open position in a high-detailed format. You can clearly see maximum loss (in pips and in currency), maximum gain values (in pips and in currency), Risk/Reward ratio (R:R), current profit (in pips and in currency), etc.

    Dashboard window

    With the dashboard display TraderAgent can display the most current market information, such as the current bid/ask price, current spread, daily-range, multi-timeframe MA, CCI, RSI and Stochastic semaphore, etc.


    When during trading you feel the trading course is may be reversing and may start to go to the opposite direction, then with just 1 click you can open a hedge position which can ‘freeze’ your position to avoid short-term losses.

    Stealth Mode

    The program is determined by the ability to hide your stoploss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels from your Broker.

    Trend line opening function

    The software is capable to open position not just with manual initiative but also capable to open position in case of break-through of trend lines placed manually.

    Grid support

    If the already opened position in terms of price is going to wrong direction with TraderAgent you have the option to “save” the position with grid trading. The robot with the specified grid parameter preset (lot multiplier, step, maximum number of position) starts the “grid.” This function can be used for each every opened position, so you may drag TakeProfit(TP) and StopLoss(SL) lines, the TrailingStop function is also fully working with the grid positions.

    3-level partial close

    TraderAgent is preloaded with 3 level auto part-closure. During the of the program use you can easily pre-configure how many percentage of your desired market price will be part-locked and based on the presets TraderAgent will be execute the partial closure when the price reaches the specified levels.

    5 Trailing Stop function

    If you’re using “TrailingStop” feature with TraderAgent you can choose fixed or dynamic. Using dynamic trailing stop there are 4 types to choose from (ATR, EMA, PSAR, HighLow).

    Predefined StopLoss and TakeProfit levels

    Before opening a position it is possible to define this order TakeProfit (TP) and StopLoss (SL) levels. During risk-based trading prior to opening any position TraderAgent will calculate the size of the order (lot) based on the value of your specified loss.

    Quick pending order placement

    TraderAgent provides hotkeys with you can one-click place order(s) for a specified distance (in pips) from the current price.

    Spread maximization

    You can set up a maximum spread value. If the actual spread is above this level TraderAgent will not allow you to open position(s) in order to prevent larger handicap at the opening of the position.

    4 Types of “Equity Auto Close” function

    The program will immediately lock all position(s) on the account if a pre-specified (as a percentage and/or currency) profit and/or loss is reached.

    Using channels

    Besides trend lines you can use equal size “Equidistant” channels during your trading.

    Making screenshots

    The program can take screenshots of every opening and closing of a position(s) so this way you can document your trades in a professional way (this function is also available in “Backtest Mode”).

    Up to 3 different lot increasing modes in grid

    TraderAgent can set 3 types of lot increase mode for managing grid positions (multiplication, shift, Fibo).

    Closing position(s) at a predetermined time

    It is possible to preset a date when a specified amount (or all) of position(s) will close by the program. For this you only need to place a special vertical line on the chart.

    Remote Position Management

    With TraderAgent it is possible to remotely (MT4 Mobile Client or another MetaTrader) modify any pending/open position(s). In this case the program will detect any modification(s) and continue to manage the position(s) accordingly.

  • User interface

    Main screen
    Grid function
    3-level Partial close
    Order list & Properties window

  • Introduction video

    TraderAgent: Introduction video

    How to install with installer

    TraderAgent: How to install with installer

    How to install manually

    TraderAgent: How to install manually

    Use trend lines instead of pending order

    TraderAgent: Use trend lines instead of pending order

    How to work pending lines

    TraderAgent: How to work pending lines

    Quick open pending orders

    TraderAgent: Quick pending orders

    5 types trailing stop

    TraderAgent: 5 types trailing stop

    AntiSpike mode

    TraderAgent: AntiSpike mode

  • Documentations

  • Release Date Version Changes
    2017-03-29 v2.5.2 b356 New parameters and features
    • New PivotCalculateGMTTime parameter: if TRUE, pivot is calculated by GMT time, if FALSE, pivot is calculated by broker server time.
    • New parameter: UIScalePercent: set scale of panels. 100 means 100%, 150 means increment 50%, 80 means decrement 20%
    • New parameter: ControlLineLabelFontSize: set font size of control line labels
    • New parameter: NextCandleTimeReverse: Reverse next candle timer. Count the elapsed time.
    • New parameter: Dashboard_MAShift: Shift for MA semaphore


    • Fixed: if Profit windows hidden, TraderAgent didn’t remove order lines after closed.
    • Fixed: maximize LOT size when open the next grid order.
    • Fixed: SL=0 sometimes caused TraderAgent closed position immediately after open.
    • Fixed: OrderList panel blinked.
    2016-04-06 v2.5.1 b330 Modifications
    • Fixed: SL jump back if control lines is hidden
    • Fixed: remove SL line & global variable, when stoploss of order is deleted in terminal. Video
    2016-04-04 v2.5.1 b328 New parameters and features
    • New ToolbarX parameter. shift the toolbar position horizontally
    • Support 2 digits CFDs


    • Fixed: Strength Meter doesn’t work if symbol has a ‘mikro’ prefix
    • Fixed: draw price labels after init
    • Fixed: Fine sensitive area of toolbar
    2016-03-03 v2.5.1 b323 New parameters and features
    • New PriceLabelInPips parameter. If set true, draw profit labels in pips.


    • Fix breakeven SL bug when control lines are hidden.
    • Fix order closing problem.
    • Fixed: if pending order moved, TakeProfit cleared and not moved.
    • Fixed: move reverse line with pending order
    • Fixed: break-even SL moving
    2015-10-14 v2.5.1 b318 New parameters and features
    • Reverse line function. If the price reach this level, TraderAgent close the position and open an opposite position. You can use Lot increment option too. Parameters: ReverseLinePips, ReverseLotMultiplier Feature video
    2015-09-23 v2.5.1 b316 Modifications
    • Backtest bug fixed (in MT4 build >880)
    2015-08-25 v2.5.1 b314 Modifications
    • LOT calculation bug fixed (zero divide)
    • Average lines turn off parameters: ShowAveragePriceLine, ShowNextAveragePriceLine
    2015-07-30 v2.5.1 b310 Modifications
    • Fixed partial close issue, if leverage or margin is too low
    • Fixed auto grid function problem for pending orders
    2015-04-10 v2.5.1 b308 New parameters and features
    • New MagicNumber value. If this parameter is set to -1 TraderAgent handles all position without magicnumber filter.
    • Custom indicator based Trailing Stop. – Now you can use your custom indicator for trailing. Watch video
    • Percentage-based Trailing Stop. – For example: if you set this value to 30% TraderAgent will trailing 30% of the distance between current price and entry price.
    • New parameter: StealthModeHardSLTPDistance – You can set a hard SL/TP distance for Stealth mode (in pips).
    • New parameter: ShowToolbar – Show/hide toolbar.
    • New parameter: ControlLineWidth – This value is for to change width of control lines on the chart.
    • New parameter: DeletePendingOrderIfNoLine – If this parameter is set to true and you delete a pending control line, TraderAgent will delete the pending order also.
    • New parameter: TrailingStopTimeFrame – Timeframe for indicator based Trailing Stop. If this is empty, it uses actual TF. Other values like: M1, M5, M15, …etc.
    • New parameter: DisableTrendLinesFunction – If this is turned on it’ll disable the trend line function and you couldn’t switch on/off on the toolbar.
    • Show currency strength gap value in dashboard


    • Value list for some parameters (TrailingType, PropertiesPanelPos)
    • AutoGridMode parameter is available again.
    • Fixed toolbar state bug.
    • Rewritten pivot calculation (detect broker GMT).
    • …some other minor bug fixed.
    2014-12-10 v2.5.0 b300 New parameters and features
    • Toolbar: handy toolbar on the chart, where the most important functions are available with only a mouse click away
    • New parameter: TrailingDistanceOffset – an additional value of distance (of the trailing) using an indicator based Trailing Stop.
    • New parameter: PipMultiplierOverride – if the program count the pips not correctly with a currency pair or CFD, the user you could override the value of the divider (1, 10, 100).
      If 0: auto mode.
    • New parameter: ToolbarY – toolbar positioning. If this value is negative then the program will put the toolbar to the bottom.
    • New parameter: AutoTurnOffPreDefined – after opening a position this feature will turn off predefined lines.
    • New parameter: RemoveMT4ObjectAfterClose – after closing order, this feature will delete all order objects on the chart (mainly arrows and lines).
    • OrderList automatically size itself to 20 rows.
    • Sound playback after opening / closing (PlaySoundFileAfterOpen/PlaySoundFileAfterClose).


    • Fixed: error correction of predefined texts when there is a predefined pending.
    • Fixed: if TrailingStop was smaller than StopLevel the program didn’t pulled SL even in Stealth Mode.
    • Fixed: rare Break-even & Trailing Stop “jumping”
    • During partial sell / short closure the program watching the Ask price for closing.
    • AccountPanel could display incorrect displaying sell lot size.
    2014-05-01 v2.4.3 b222 New parameters and features
    • Windows can be minimized


    • Default value of NextAveragePriceLineColor parameter is None
    2014-04-23 v2.4.3 b220 New parameters and features
    • MetaTrader 4 Build 610+ compatible
    • New parameter: HideCopyRight – in case of valid license “copyright” text in the lower right corner can be hide.
    • New parameter: PauseBTFromDate – backtest shall be stopped after specified date.
    • New parameter: ControlLineLabelColor – if it is set to “None” then TraderAgent queries background color from the chart and use it.
    • New parameter: NextAveragePriceLineColor – this shows the level of the following average prices.
    • New parameter: TrailingCandleOffset – you can specify the value of the indicator that how many candles before would it pull the stops when using indicator-based trailing.
    • New parameter: AntiSpikeMode – eliminates StopLoss (SL) spikes. With this parameter TraderAgent will close the position in SL if the current candle closes below SL line (this is only working with StealthMode=true).
    • After changing Symbol all predefined lines are reset (in default position).
    • Pivot lines as background objects.
    • DrawOrderLines parameter displays all closed position(s) on the chart.


    • TrailingStop after BE bug fix. If the line is moved elsewhere, older versions of TraderAgent would pulled TrailingStop from the original BE line.
    • Visual order line drawing bug fixed
    • Visual object order bug fixed
    • AccountInfo MagicNumber filter bug fix
    • ProfitInfo panel MagicNumber filter bug fix
    2013-11-01 v2.4.2 b195 New parameters and features
    • Draw labels for Vertical close lines
    • New parameter: UsePredefinedLineForPending – Draw predefined line for pending orders.
    • New parameter: ProfintOnThisSymbolOnly If false calculate account profit info.
    • New parameter: SupportNewsInfoInBacktest – Support NewsInfo indicator in backtest


    • Zero StopLoss bug fixed
    • Zero TakeProfit bug fixed
    • Bugfix: after partial close, BE line has been disappeared
    • Default control line offset set to left side (-80)
    • Trailing bug fixed when SL is not set
    2013-10-06 v2.4.2 b193 Modifications
    • TrailingStop bux fixed
    2013-09-24 v2.4.2 b192 New parameters and features
    • 5 different TrailingStop functions!
      Possible values of parameters of TrailingType:
      • 0 – no trailing
      • 1 – Classic fixed trailing stop (TrailingParam1: fixed value given in pips)
      • 2 – ATR-based (TrailingParam1: ATR period; TrailingParam2: ATR Multiplier)
      • 3 – EMA-based (TrailingParam1: EMA period)
      • 4 – PSAR-based (TrailingParam1: PSAR step value; TrailingParam2: PSAR maximum value)
      • 5 – High-Low (TrailingParam1: number of candles for High/Low value search)
    • TrailingAlways parameter: if set to “true”, TrailingStop will be activated not just after Breakeven but steadily from the opening position.
    • New parameter: UsePreDefinedStopLoss – StopLoss and Take Profit lines can can be specified before opening a position. This feature is also useful during risk-based trading where TraderAgent calculates the size of the position (lots) based on predefined StopLoss value.
    • Closing positions at a predefined time point using vertical lines. If “closeall” or “close=123,456” values given into vertical line description field, then TraderAgent will close all (“closeall”) or close the 123 and 456 positions (“close=123,456) when the time reaches the specified line.
    • New parameter: Dashboard_ShowPriceMeter – Price Currency Meter feature on Dashboard
    • New parameter: PauseBTEveryCandles – if it’s value is greater than 0 (zero), then TraderAgent will stop running backtest (in backtest mode) per the predefined candles value.


    • Dashboard semaphore feature can be turned on/off with “Dashboard_ShowSemaphore” option
    • Oldest supported MetaTrader version: v509
    2013-05-30 v2.4.0 b169 New parameters and features
    • Fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 Build 500!
    • New feature: Hotkey for pending order(s) – CTRL + click to buy/sell open a buy/sell stop order. CTRL + SHIFT + click to buy/sell open a buy/sell limit order.Video
    • New parameter: QuickPendingDistance – You can set quick pending orders distance in pips.
    • New feature: MakeScreenShots – Create screenshot(s) if there’s an open or close order.
    • New parameter: PanelBackground – You can change the background color of the panels
    • New parameter: GridLotMode – 3-types LOT increment in Grid mode. 0 = Classic multiplier: use GridLotMultiplier, 1 = Increment (0.1, 0.2, 0.3…etc), 2 = Fibo increment (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8…etc)

    Rewritten functions

    • Rewritten mouse handling logic
    • Rewritten license check logic
    • Rewritten Profit Drawing logic


    • Fixed issue with order list panel which was reacted slowly after open or close order
    • Fixed issue with visible SL/TP lines for pending orders with different MagicNumbers
    • Fixed issue with changing SL/TP values of an opened position on another PC / in MetaTrader 4 Order Window / on mobile / using the latest MetaTrader4 Build 500
    2013-05-05 v2.3.3 Modifications
    • Grid mode SL bug fixed – When dragging SL/TP lines in grid mode, older versions of the software used to modify SL/TP values only for the first & last position of the whole grid. With this upgrade TraderAgent will modify all opened grid position’s TP/SL values when dragging TP/SL lines.
    • Real pending order handling
    • 4-way auto close all function
    • Orderlist panel and properties – Panel grid order info bug fixed.

    New parameters

    • UsePendingLines – Default value is true. To use this feature properly you have to draw a horizontal line on the chart then you have to put the word “buy” or “sell” to the Description area. After this you can freely move this horizontal line on the chart as you wish. You can also give lot value to this for example: buy=0.1. Please be aware, after giving the desired lot value & the pending position fulfilled (so position will be opened) further position sizing won’t be allowed by MetaTrader. Video
    • PendingOCOMode – If this value is true & there’s one pending order have been triggered to open, so you’ll have an open position TraderAgent will delete all other pending orders from the chart.
    • NextCandleTimeTextColor – Color of the text for next candle closing time.
    • AutoCloseAllProfitMoney – Close all orders if the profit (in currency) reach this value.
    • AutoCloseAllProfitPercent – Close all orders if the profit (in percent of equity) reach this value (use 10% instead of 110%)
    • AutoCloseAllLossMoney – Close all orders if the loss (in currency) reach this value. Do not give to this parameter a negative value!
    • AutoCloseAllLossPercent – Close all orders if the loss (in percent of equity) reach this value (use 10% instead of 90%).
    • AveragePriceColor – Color of the average price line. This is very handy to use when you have multiple position open.
    • UseChannels – Open position for Equidistant channel lines (like trend lines).
    • DontAllowOrderOpenMaxSpread – If the spread is greater than this value TraderAgent won’t be able to open new order.
    • ShowSentinelAlerts – This feature shows an alert if open price or close price is significantly different than TraderAgent wanted to use.
    • GridReCalculateSLTP – When TraderAgent opens a new grid position with this feature the software will recalculate and correct StopLoss, TakeProfit and Break-even values (lines) based on average price. Default value is true.
    • ForceSetSLTPIfMissing – If order hasn’t SL or TP, TA will be set to the default values (set True if you want to handle orders of other EA)
    2013-03-23 v2.3.2 New parameters
    • TrendLinesOCOMode – When using “Trendline Opening” feature with this option TraderAgent can delete the rest of other trendlines on the chart after opening a position because of a trendline breakthrough.
    • ControlLineLabelColor – Custom settings to background color of the text(s) on control lines
    • Dashboard_OnlyCurrentTF – MetaTrader used to consume lot of memory when it queries the multi-timeframe semaphore indicators on Dashboard panel. This option can be turned off, so it will plot only the current timeline indicator signals (this can drastically reduce the amount of memory used (only 2-5%)


    • During backtests after loading template parts of the control panel would not appear again
    • Significant decrease of CPU usage (during the use on multiple charts)
    • Other minor improvements and code refactoring…
    2013-02-06 v2.3.1 First release

    TraderAgent is developed to used only on MetaTrader 4 platform.
    TraderAgent software is used by each user’s own risk! During the use of the software, program malfunctions could arise which cause direct and/or indirect damages, losses. The creator of TraderAgent program assumes no responsibility to above mentioned damages! Before using the software on live account, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the use of the software on demo account(s).